Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

**===Think new Something ===**

In the last journey, at my past away
i try to see what happen in out of the window
i found new things, which i never to interested in before
slow but sure make me more to surfing, examine
and try to understand

eventually, many of the misconception
that i get, so i had to fix
maybe that is part of my life puzzle
should i put on the correct things

indeed, not many things i have to know
but i must to learn, because as a muslim
is an obligation to search more and more
right information and not contravene the law
of islamic value is Al quran and sunnah
to interpretation in our life

maybe you'll see a bit difference as usual  I am
but you must know i never change
so i just want to say in my life
hey! the "Dunya", don't getting me blind
from the truth
nevertheless you will leave me alone

with full blessing of the happiness or
the sadness never end on the judgment day ,
we'll never know!!

if every love requires sacrifice
allow this step to be evidence of sacrifice
for the love of Him
because of only He is worthy of love
not easy to eliminate everything that has happened
or just remove the traces of the old
to be new thing fresh ...
will just add to weary hearts and minds

now I just want to do better
hope that the mistakes of past
disappear and will become
a beauty and serenity

Here, all the records began, introduce my self
and finally directing, who I must to be ...
memories is too hard to remove
the joys and sorrows, the tears and laughter,
the anxiety and confusion coloring this way of life..

I would leave all the records here
as memories someday, that I, you and they
ever together to build a story on the stage
the named a life

You will always be in my memory
thank you for being my friend

warm regards :))